10 Best Budget Bluetooth Speakers under $ 50 in 2019

Best budget Bluetooth speakers: We are experienced electronic businessmen; we Import electronics products and sell those from our sales center. This electronics business is our family business and doing since 1982. Before we Import bulk, we collect a single piece for each model and test it first. Here we mention 10 best budget Bluetooth speakers under US$ 50 in 2019.  

01. Echo Dot (3rd Gen) – Smart speaker with Alexa

Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen)
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Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) – Smart speaker with Alexa made by Amazon.com, Inc. is a multinational technology company based in Washington, USA. The Company’s main businesses are e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence.

Amazon Echo condensed to Echo and known as “Alexa” and is a brand of smart speakers developed by Amazon. Echo devices designed to connect to the voice-controlled intelligent personal assistant service ( Alexa), which is called to the names “Alexa”, “Echo”, or “Computer”. The Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) possesses the same functions as the original Amazon Echo.

An Amazon promotion permitted for Amazon’s Prime customers to receive a 100% price reduction on the Echo Dot (from $49.99 to $0.00) on August 18, 2017. Amazon never gave any indication or committed to how many Dots were given away.

Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) is the most popular smart speaker with a fabric design that is measured 3.9 inches in diameter and 1.7 inches high and weight is 10.6 oz. the 3rd Gen Dot is a little larger than the second-gen Dot. Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) is a most compact smart speaker which fits perfectly into small spaces. On the top, there are control buttons such as two volume buttons, a button to turn the microphone on and off, and a button to activate Alexa. It is also the number one best budget Bluetooth speaker on the market.

You need to connect the Echo Dot to power, and you can wire in other devices via the 3.5mm aux output or you can play music through the Dot via its Bluetooth connection for better sound, but otherwise, it can go anywhere that it can hear your voice. Once powered-up, it’s simple to use the Amazon Alexa app and get it connected to your wi-fi network. Amazon has changed the power adaptor for the Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen), and it’s no-longer USB-powered.

Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) has a new driver and a change to the microphone layout. There’s a 4cm driver here as opposed to 3cm on the previous model and Amazon claims it’s 70 percent louder as a result. Interestingly there are fewer microphones, four rather than seven, but tweaks to the design aim to make performance every bit as strong. The Echo Dot is available in charcoal, grey, and sandstone; there are now three choices of finish to further extend the options.


Amazon Wi-Fi’s simple setup enables customers to connect smart devices to their Wi-Fi network in a few easy steps. Wi-Fi able to simple setup is a different way Alexa is always getting smarter.

Voice controls your smart home:

Manage compatible smart home devices using your voice. Through Echo Dot, you can switch on the lamp before getting out of bed, dim the lights from the couch to watch a movie or turn on the coffee maker on your way to the kitchen.

You can also enable Alexa Guard to get Smart Alerts by using Echo Dot if your Echo device detects the sound of smoke alarms, glass breaking or carbon monoxide alarms.          

In the box:

An Echo Dot, 15W power adapter, and Quick Start Guide.

Sound quality:

Echo Dot (3rd Gen) is an Improved speaker quality. It is better speaker quality than Echo Dot Gen 2 for richer and louder sound. Echo Dot is able to pair with a second Echo Dot for stereo sound. You can use your voice to play a song, artist, or genre through Amazon Music, Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, and others many more. You can fill your whole home with music with compatible Echo devices in different rooms.

If you like to listen to loud sounds, you can connect Alexa-enable external speakers through a 3.5 mm stereo audio output.


•           Clear and loud audio

•           3.5mm and Bluetooth audio outputs

•           Improved design

•           Improved Alexa capabilities

•           Budget price


•           No longer USB-powered

•           Not ideal for music

02. Anker SoundCore 2

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The Anker SoundCore 2 is a remarkably good and portable Bluetooth speaker now selling at a very economical price range with exceptional sound quality, progressive Bluetooth 4.0 technology and a huge 24 hours of battery life for impressive audio streaming. The Anker SoundCore 2 portable Bluetooth speaker is able to produce high quality, powerful stereo sound through its combined dual high-performance drivers and a unique helix bass port. The Anker SoundCore 2 is the second position for best budget Bluetooth speakers in view of our speaker testing.


The Anker SoundCore 2 is an upgrade version of Anker SoundCore. The Company got a good response from the market for Anker SoundCore and decided to leave out it’s lacking that is its low sound and absence of water resistance.

The Anker Soundcore 2 is covered by a metallic grille. It also covered in smooth, but grippe rubber. The SoundCore 2 is available in blue and red as well as black. Behind its metallic grille, there is pure audio power with enhanced bass thunders from dual 6W neodymium drivers. The SoundCore 2 ensures pounding bass and zero distortion at any volume by an advanced digital signal processor. The SoundCore 2 updated version compatible with pair two SoundCore 2 speakers via a single device for double the volume or bold stereo sound.

The SoundCore 2 is designed to be small measuring dimension 6.5 x 2.2 x 1.8 inch and weight is 0.91 lb, compact and particularly portable – the speaker also structures a unique twirl bass port design to confirm that it can deliver a good clean bass response from the speaker. The SoundCore 2 achieves a fully-waterproof IPX7 rating – meaning it will survive being fully submerged in water at a depth of one meter for at least 30 minutes.

The speaker also features the highly developed Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity which makes sure that you get high-quality audio streaming from any Bluetooth enabled device and habitually reconnects to the last device used. It has also a built-in mic for talking to SIRI, Google Assistant or for making hands-free calls, plus a 20m Bluetooth range. It has USB /AUX port for charging, headphones, iPods, iPhones, iPads and more.  The SoundCore 2 has a massive battery compare to its size which life is an incredible 24 hours, which is much longer than much of the competition.

Sound Quality:

Anker SoundCore 2 spectacular stereo sound with deep bass is delivered with extraordinary clearness and zero alteration by two high-compassion drivers and an original bass port.

Lows- In terms of volume, the lows are quite impressive that you could expect from a speaker of this size. At the low end, the sounds are pretty clean. Usually, when a small speaker attempts to push bass it ends up, sound become cloudy or mud-covered, but Anker did a good job at keeping up quality in the low end. While the deep bass kicks in problem by TV or on the Radio existing well and it doesn’t touch like you’re missing out on any of the songs.

Mids- Mids is also enjoyable and smooth, while I heard something a little off was in ‘Man in the Night’ by Kid Cudi that time I felt some of the heavier guitars didn’t get missing, but certainly lost some of their significant point and component. Besides, that vocals and acoustic guitars sounds were satisfactory.

Highs- The high end in the Soundcore really had some roughness at max volume but only a little.  The bass beat basics in ‘River’ by Leon Bridges were a touch noisy but, like a lot of speakers, decreasing the volume one or two clicks mostly solve this matter.

The Pros: The Anker SoundCore 2 is most likely the best Bluetooth speaker you can find at a cheap price, which delivery top mark sound presentation and high-quality music pour out. Its battery life continues an amazing 24 hours of playtime on a single charge, which is in all probability the highest battery life as a portable speaker. This speaker allows pushing up the maximum volume to fill up around a large room with remarkable sound quality and without any misrepresentation. The speaker’s most encouraging side is its 66 ft Bluetooth Range and built-In Mic. which I prefer very much.

The Cons: On the other hand,  the ‘Anker SoundCore 2’ is designed with an excellent spiral bass port to develop the bass response, but the bass response was only decent and can be a bit misplaced in certain types of music that depend on heavy bass beats. But we feel its bass is more than enough compared to its loudness.

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03. Sony XB10 Portable Wireless Speaker

Sony XB10
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Sony Electronics (USA) is a prominent manufacturer of audio/video electronics and IT products for the consumers and specialized markets. Their operations include engineering, research, and development, marketing, sales, distribution and customer service. Sony manufactured for a wide range of 3D and high-definition televisions, BRAVIA® 4K Ultra HD, Cyber-shot® compact cameras, Handycam® camcorders, Alpha Interchangeable Lens Cameras, powerful audio products, and portable audio products etc. Sony XB10 is one of their very popular and best budget Bluetooth speakers in portable wireless Bluetooth speakers sector.

The coffee mug size SRS-XB10 is the smallest and most basic of the new speakers in Sony’s line of Extra Bass Bluetooth speakers. At this size “extra bass” might be a stretch, but it does have a bit more punch than many competitors.


The cylindrical shape SRS-XB10, available in black, blue, red, and white, measures 3.4 inches in diameter and 4.3 inches high and weight is 0.57 lb. Its IPX5 rating means you can get it wet, but it’s should not be put the speaker underwater. The speaker is rubberized body and base, the top panel is speaker grille only. Under the grille, there is a single 1.8-inch driver firing upward. At the base, nicely placed two small cutaways that allow air to escape—the speaker also uses a passive bass radiator, located just above these cutouts.

The outer shell has a built-in lanyard with a rubberized loop, so you can hang on hooks or whatever else is around. There’s a control panel on the side panel along the base with buttons for play/pause, add (for pairing another SRS-XB10 for stereo sound), plus/minus (volume control), and power. This part also houses status LEDs for the power/Bluetooth, battery, and left/right speaker (if you decide to add another SRS-XB10 to the equation).

Nearby, there’s a 3.5mm aux input for wired listening (no cable is included, however), a micro USB port for the included charging cable, and a reset button. This section is covered by a cap for its water resistance.

The speaker offers so intelligibility built-in speakerphone. We have tested by using the Voice Memos app on an iPhone 6s and understand every word we recorded, but the overall speakerphone’s sound quality was downy and a little quiet. This is basically balance for the track when it comes to Bluetooth speaker mic. Compare to other speaker models priced below $50, it is a still solid built-in feature for the price, and it’s sound quality doesn’t weaken its usefulness.

However, the SRS-XB10 doesn’t use an app, which is surprising only because of its capability to be linked as a stereo pair with another unit. Sony has done a solid job of making the stereo pairing process as simple as possible; they do not make an app unnecessary.

Battery life is estimated to be roughly 16 hours which is more than average, but your results will differ with your volume levels and your mix of wireless and wired playback.


Sony SRS-XB10 speaker determines to deliver extra bass. It is able to do so and credits go to the passive radiator which working with the monaural speaker to improve low-end tones, giving bass enhance, regardless of its small size.

Lows: Yeah, we had said the bass is appealing darn good. It reaches the sub-bass with no difficulty and showcases a nice bit of depth. The bass is punchy and rich enough at its size. It was really impressive on hip-hop, EDM, and anything that’s really bass-heavy – OBVI! At about 80% we found the bass and sub-bass there, however, increase at a volume earlier period that the bass becomes over-modulated.

Mids: As for the mids, we discover them to still be pretty active even with a banging bassline. That’s a excellent thing. While pulsing and moving volume level, at times (depending on type mainly), we also found elements of the mids covered behind the bass and lacking the detail and clearness we had to prefer. However, vocals – particularly those that are higher pitched – are more detailed and be skilled at brighter than expected. As an example, in orchestral pieces accompanied by vocals, some of the musical instruments in the mids are lost, but the bass sounds excellent and so does the vocal is an addition.

Highs: As for the highs, sounds are quite detailed and crisp. As we earlier mentioned, vocals are surprisingly amazing on this bass-heavy speaker.

WE LIKE: Affordable. Solid audio performance with rich bass response and crisp highs. Water-resistant design. Built-in speakerphone. It can be linked with another SRS-XB10 to form a stereo pair.

WE DON’T LIKE: Can distort on tracks with deep bass. Mono.

04. OontZ Angle 3 Ultra: Portable Bluetooth Speaker

OontZ Angle 3 Ultra
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Cambridge SoundWorks was co-founded in 1988 by Henry Kloss, an audio engineer and businessman, and colleague Tom DeVesto. They founded the company with a specific mission to design and manufacture high quality, well-priced, high-performance loudspeakers, and audio products to be marketed directly to the consumer. From its beginning, the company’s success was significant and its products received critical acclamation. The Cambridge SoundWorks former official website redirects to Oontz and the OontZ Angle 3 Ultra Bluetooth speaker is one of ten best budget Bluetooth speakers in the market.

The OontZ Angle 3 Ultra Bluetooth speaker that’s from a very popular line of Oontz made by Cambridge Soundworks. Some of Angle 3 Ultra predecessors are very popular Amazon best sellers Oontz Angle 3 and Angle 3 Plus. Angle 3 Ultra is an upgraded version of Angle 3 and Angle 3 Plus. Most of the improvements are related to sound quality but there are also some improvements regarding the build quality.

Design & Built Quality:

Angle 3 Ultra, just like all the Oontz Angle speakers features a recognizable triangular design (it looks like a triangular prism, to be precise). The speaker is small and compact. It’s made of plastic; the drivers are protected with the irremovable aluminum grille and all the edges are rubberized. Angle 3 Ultra available in two colors – black and white.

Two full-range drivers are located on the front side and protected with an aluminum grille. Since all the drivers are on the front side, the speaker can’t deliver 360-sound but the nice thing is that you can place the speaker vertically or horizontally. The horizontal position is preferred since it offers slightly better stereo separation.

Many Bluetooth speakers have control buttons located on the top, but Cambridge Soundworks (the manufacturer) decided to place them on the right side and to rubberize the whole panel. There are 7 buttons on the control panel – Bluetooth/call button, play/pause button, 2 track management buttons, 2 volume buttons, and the power button. There are also three LED indicators. Bluetooth indicator is located above the Bluetooth button, the wireless dual stereo indicator is located above the play/pause button (we will explain the purpose of this indicator in the Performance section), and charging indicator above the power button. The speaker also features a built-in microphone that is positioned right above the Bluetooth indicator.

All the inputs are also located on the right side, right next to the control panel. The speaker features one AUX (3.5mm) input and a micro USB charging port. They are both covered/protected with a rubber flap. It’s important to remember that the speaker is not water-resistant in AUX mode and when the rubberized flap is not in place.

On the bottom panel, there are two rubberized feet that are supposed to neutralize all the unwanted vibrations. In the middle, there’s a plastic mesh that allows air to move.

Sound Quality:

We were honestly surprised by the sound quality and loudness of this little speaker. We haven’t expected such an impressive performance from a small and portable Bluetooth speaker. Don’t get this wrong – this is still a small speaker but compared to other competitors of the same size (even those made by reputable companies like Bose and JBL), Angle 3 Ultra definitely sounds much better.

The bass is pretty tight and present but compared to some larger speakers under $100, it’s kind of tiny. The bass is not the greatest thing about this speaker but that’s expected considering the size. When some bass-heavy song is being played, the digital processor inside the speaker will try to eliminate the frequencies that could cause distortion so you won’t get the best listening experience.

We were much happier with the mid and high-end reproduction. The mids are sweet and very detailed while the treble sounds perfectly clear, even at high volumes.

The thing that really impressed us was the loudness. This little thing can be really loud which makes it perfect for outdoor use. It is definitely louder than any speaker of the same size and it sounds pretty clear at full volume. You will probably notice some distortion at high volumes with bass-heavy songs but if there’s not too much bass, the sound will be perfectly clear even at max volume.

The stereo separation is not impressive but it gets much better when you pair two speakers together and use them in stereo mode. You can also pair two ‘OontZ Angle 3 Ultra’ to play wirelessly together from your device. The speaker has two dual modes: Left Channel-Right Channel: those serve separate left-right channels, providing spacious stereo sound in your room.

Dual Stereo: Each speaker plays a full-range stereo up to 100 feet apart. This is great for multi-room sound as well as playing music inside and outside of the same device.

Using the speakers in a left-right mode not only provided decent sound staging and palpable spaciousness, but the sound quality was also enhanced as well. We were told that the speakers’ frequency response is adjusted for improved performance in this mode, and it definitely takes the sound to a new level. A pair of OontZ Angle 3 Ultra speakers that’s under $100 and it makes the value even more remarkable.

The Pros: Cambridge Soundworks’ OontZ Angle 3 Ultra manages to deliver fairly rich sound despite its small size and relatively low price. The speaker also has excellent battery life, is water-resistant and has speakerphone capabilities.

The Cons: Some treble push.

05. Tribit XSound Go Bluetooth Speakers

Tribit XSound Go Bluetooth Speakers
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Tribit was born with a singular focus: to bring great beats to the masses. The company pursuit of audio perfection is only made possible through its talented team of sound engineers and design maestros. Tribit brought together experts in the audio field, with their lead audio engineer hailing from one of the biggest US audio brands with over 15 years of experience. Together, they spent day and night fussing over the smallest details in their earpieces, tweaking, and tuning, so that they could create pieces that brought the best budget Bluetooth speakers out of your favorite hits.

After months of tweaking, tuning and testing their sound drivers, Tribit debuted into the market in 2016, with its own signature sound; a resonating bass, solid treble and balance all around.

Tribit has taken a page out of the Beats book in its design approach to the XSound Go. Tribit is relatively new to the market but already seems to be causing quite a stir with competitively priced consumer electronics products. They are pleasantly surprising for their consumers by the XSound Go. The speaker offers some excellent features and seems to hold its own against the premium brands. In fact, there are features where the XSound Go outperforms the big brands. 


Admittedly, the design of the Tribit XSound Go isn’t anything to write home about: It’s a generic, pill-shaped speaker that would fit in at any electronics section at the grocery stores, but don’t let its poor design fool you.

That said, it’s definitely rugged, and could be thrown in a bag without worry. There is a grille with the Tribit logo hiding the drivers on the front of the speaker. The controls are all located at the top of the speaker with buttons for power, Bluetooth pairing, media playback controls, and volume controls. It’s all typically fare with the buttons being big and easy to use.

The XSound Go features Bluetooth 4.2 which isn’t the latest version of Bluetooth; however, it is sufficient for an ultra-compact speaker. You get around 66ft of the range which is perfect. The speaker is really compact so anything than that, and you are out of optimal listening range anyway! Within this price, you’re getting not only expansive sound, but the speaker also has an excellent 24 Hours Playtime battery life, and a rugged IPX7 water-resistant body.

Around the back are silicone flaps hiding the micro USB charging port and 3.5mm headphone jack. Bluetooth speakers are progressively more dropping support for analog inputs so; it’s good to see that the 3.5mm jack remains on the XSound Go. That said, while micro USB is fine, we would have liked to have seen a USB-C charging port as most modern phones and laptops use the connector.

The speaker also comes with an attached lanyard which makes it easy to carry and can be strapped to a backpack.


The XSound Go features two 1.5″ full-range drivers coupled to a center-mounted passive bass radiator. Each speaker delivers 6W of power for a total of 12W of power. On par with the Beats Pill and other speakers this size. So, how does the XSound Go sound?

The XSound Go holds its own against premium ultra-compact Bluetooth speakers. I would have to say the XSound Go definitely performs better in the low-end compared to the Beats Pill. While the Pill has a big bass sound, it’s slightly woolly and not very controlled. The XSound Go doesn’t have a big bass sound, but it’s a little tighter and more natural sounding.

Mid-range response and treble perform as to be expected for a speaker this size. The mids are slightly muddy (no more than the Beats Pill or JBL Flip 4) but offer enough clarity for most music genres.  The treble has a nice bright crispness which helps deliver a bit of fun and excitement to the listening experience.

For an ultra-compact speaker under $40, the XSound Go is truly impressive when it comes to sound quality. When you consider the Beats Pill is over $100 and the JBL Flip 4 is over $70, at just $32, you begin to realize the real value the XSound Go provides! While the Anker Soundcore comes in $5 cheaper, the sound quality is not as good as the XSound Go. The XSound Go has a better bass sound and is somewhat louder.

We Like: The Tribit XSound Go is a budget-priced Bluetooth speaker that sounds good for its size and price. It’s attractively designed and is waterproof.

We Don’t Like: It has trouble with complicated tracks. There’s some bass, just not a lot.


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Harman Corporate is an American Company manufactured by JBL electronic products. HARMAN engineers solutions to improve life’s experiences, simplifying the way people act together with technology and connecting them to the world around them. The Company designs and plans linked their products and solutions worldwide for Automakers, general consumers, and enterprises. They connected including car systems, audio and visual products, enterprise automation solutions; and services. Their talented employees and innovation strength create value for their investors by empowering rich experiences through the connected enterprise and lifestyle. Their JBLGO2CPN GO 2 Bluetooth speaker take a place for ‘best budget Bluetooth speakers’ for consumers to choose.

JBL sells a wide range of wireless Bluetooth speakers, Go line is very popular and JBL JBLGO2CPN GO 2 is one of them. The second-generation Go 2 is the smallest and least expensive of the bunch. This new version, which comes in many color options and cost within $40.


Square shaped design measuring 2.8 by 1.3 by 3.4 inches (HWD) and weigh is 6.6 ounces. The Go 2 is available in a wide spectrum of 12 bright attractive eye-catching colors such as coral orange, champagne, and cyan, standard black, blue, and red. The front face of the speaker is all grilles, which is dominated by a JBL logo. The JBL JBLGO2CPN GO 2 is an IPX7 rating means it is waterproof.

Across the top panel of the speaker, there are controls for volume down/up, power, Bluetooth, and playback/call management. Twice tapping the playback button skips forward a track, but triple tapping doesn’t find the way backward. On the right side of the speaker, there is a panel house connection for the included micro USB charging cable and a 3.5mm aux input. The back panel is also celebrated with a large JBL logo, and the bottom panel has tiny rubber gripping feet to keep the speaker standing regardless of vibrations from the driver.

The JBL JBLGO2CPN GO 2 is a mono speaker, with a single 40mm, 3-watt driver to output audio. As mentioned, you can field calls on it, and the mic offers average clearness. Using the Voice Memos app on an iPhone 6s, you could understand every word which we have tested, but there were plenty of downy audio artifacts in the mix. Picking up the speaker and holding it closer to the mouth cleans the audio up a bit, but either way, it’ll work in a pinch for fielding calls, and the unclear audio is par for the course with most Bluetooth portable speakers.

Other than a micro USB orange-colored charging cable, the Go 2 ships with no accessories, so you’ll need your own 3.5mm audio cable to use the aux in. JBL rates the battery life for the Go 2 at a modest 5 hours—not great for a portable speaker, but not miserable, especially considering the size and price. Its Bluetooth range is average and you could wirelessly stream high-quality sound from your smart-phone or tablet.


Its diminutive stature doesn’t let you fool; the JBL GO 2 can really crank the tunes. We found that the speaker’s 50% volume is comfortable for listening to music and pushing its volume level to over 75% really offers a surprisingly full sound for such a small speaker.

That said, you should be watchful for going overboard as the sound gets markedly harsh near max volume: At max volume, music is very harsh and fatiguing.

While the bass is basically non-existent, mids and highs sound tight and smooth. The sound is quite narrow, which is expected from a mono speaker but other Bluetooth speakers do a better job of projecting music outward. Moreover, the JBL GO 2 only fires sound forward which means if you sound to radiate evenly around the pool deck.

In terms of battery life, you’ll get approximately 5 hours listening at around 50% of volume. If you crank it higher, battery life will reduce, which is quite short in comparison to other portable speakers, but that’s the trade-off JBL made by choosing such a small form factor for the GO 2.


•           Ultra-compact form factor

•           IPX7 water resistance

•           Speakerphone


•           Short battery life

•           Lacks bass

•           The mic isn’t sensitive

07. AOMAIS Sport II 

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AOMAIS is a Chinese Company based in Shenzhen, and its brand was created more than a couple of years ago with the aim of creating a perfect speaker. AOMAIS become conscious that people are different and each one of them has different needs but at the same time their aim was to create an affordable speaker. That has made their job pretty hard! After the long struggle and experiment, lab test and overcome obstructions of their highly-motivated team, they succeed to build what they were aiming for. Their popular products AOMAIS Sport II Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker now the best budget Bluetooth speakers in the market.

Design & features:

AOMAIS Sport II Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker’s design gives priority on its nice looks; colors & crisp high volume sound and easy to hand carry with the following features:

• WATERPROOF IPX7: AOMAIS Sport II has designed and provided fully waterproof of the highest incursion protection degree of IPX7 (IPX7- Immersion up to 1 m for 30 minutes underwater), some competitors may offer an IPX5 rating only at splash proof or light rain, not waterproof. To be dustproof, mud proof, shockproof, rainproof, snow proof, free inflatable float accessory provided, which can float your music in the swimming pool, shower, beach.

• 20W POWERFUL SOUND, STEREO PAIRING FUNCTION: Advanced digital sound, noise/wind reduction technology, and unique loudspeaker cavity structure to deliver premium acoustic sound, crystal clear balanced bass, if you have two AOMAIS SPORT II Bluetooth speakers, connect them together to create left and right channels to enjoy 40 Watts surround sound after pairing, perfect for home, parties, Back to school gift, Christmas gift, Thanksgiving day, Halloween, Black Friday, Cyber Monday.

• DURABLE, RUGGED TOUGH DESIGN: Featuring a smooth rubber exterior that protects the speaker from scratches and impact, AOMIAS SPORT II is one of the toughest Bluetooth speakers, even car ran over it without damage, perfect for travel & hiking, camping, Boating, Kayaking, outdoor adventure.

• RECHARGEABLE BATTERY, HANDS-FREE FUNCTION: Built-in high capacity rechargeable lithium polymer, can be replenished via the micro USB charging port. Answer phone calls using the hand’s free function. Bluetooth V4.0 Works with cell phones, amazon new echo dot, iPhone, iPad, iPod, HTC, Samsung, Tablets, play audio from Laptops, PCs, mp3 player, 3.5mm audio mini jack allows simple wired connectivity.

• CUSTOMIZED DRESS: Customized design makes it easier to access to media controls, buttons, and rear charging port, even the tripod mount.

• PREMIUM MATERIAL: Premium silicone construction protects the aluminum body of the speaker from strike and scrape.

• PORTABILITY: The integrated loop lets you grab it, hang it on a tree, take it to a party, put it in your backyard, or anywhere you want to take adventures.

• OSS-FREE SOUND: The silicon fabrics act as acoustic vents to deliver all the high-quality sound expected from the AOMAIS sports series.

• 4 BRILLIANT COLORS: 4 fun colors strengthen fashion sense to personalize your AOMAIS, can also be placed anywhere like a decoration.

• Risk-free Purchase: Totally tailored for your AOMAIS Sport II and they offer 100% Money-back Guarantee If there are quality problems.

• Safety Guarantee: Hard EVA Material is Shockproof Dustproof and Waterproof to protect your AOMAIS SPORT II from impacts and splashes.

• Super Convenient: Comes with the comfortable hand strap to carry easily.

• Luxury and Fashionable: Build-in super quality villous reflects the superior taste and ensures long-lasting performance.

• Considerable Design: Smooth but strong zipper gives you better user experience. 360 ° Zip is convenient for you to put it in and out of the case.

Sound quality:

AOMAIS Sport II Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker has dual full-range drivers, experience 20W full-bodied stereo sound with enhanced bass and powerful volume. Less than 1% of the total harmonic alteration ensures improved clarity and reliability. Yes! You can hear a very impressive high volume noise-free crystal clear sound. If you pair two speakers, you will get surround sound and can be used for Home Party, Office conferences/meeting/seminar and Home Theater Speaker as well.

We Like: The AOMAIS Sport II is an extremely versatile speaker that can be brought with just for any occasion – be it an outdoor camping trip, hiking journey or for water sports. We appreciate its IPX7 waterproof, features and really good looking exterior design. The sound performance of the Sport II speaker is also very consistent and clear and can pump out the really good volume in open spaces.

We Don’t like: There are practically very few cons to write about this speaker. The battery life, while lasting up to 10 hours of continuous playtime, is not the best we have tested. The speaker is also slightly large which may cause portability issues; although this is to be expected given that it contains a much larger acoustic driver.         

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08. Xeneo X21 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Xeneo X21 Portable Bluetooth Speaker
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Xeneo X21 Bluetooth speaker made by XENEO POWER HK LIMITED based in Kwun Tong, Hong Kong. The company’s team gave full afford for its built quality to get the western market.

Xeneo Power is a new company for us, but when we test Xeneo X21 cylinder-shaped speaker with 15W power drivers and Digital Signal Processor, we are very much impressed with its loud sound delivery with punchy bass. For this reason, it is one of the best budget Bluetooth speakers and we realize it could be a good companion for a traveler or for any outing.


Nice looking cylinder-shaped speaker measured 7.2 x 2.8 x 2.8 inches and weight 1.1 Lbs. The speaker has two high-performance 15W power drivers and Digital Signal Processor which pumps out rich bass and housing with an aluminum passive dural bass radiator on each end. Those deliver an all-round presence ambiance and complete sound projection. It has Built-in FM radio makes you stay tuned anywhere you go.  

Xeneo X21 rugged by grills except for a little portion where housing control panel on the speaker where you can find power, play, volume & skip buttons. There is also an AUX jack input point which is covered by a cap. The grills make the speaker durable. The endpoint of the cap, there is a built-in micro-SD card slot allows you to put your favorite songs. And if you happen to have no mobile device, you can simply insert a micro SD card into the speaker and listen to MP3s. The speaker is also with IP6X rating which means the speaker is splash-proof, dustproof & shockproof.

Xeneo X21 uses Bluetooth version 4.2 with 100 feet range. It has the option to connect wired & wireless both with another device without having to use an app. You can pair up two Xeneo speakers simultaneously by creating the left and right channels. The combined output generates powerful full stereo sound all around you. You can immerse yourself in 360° sound with this compact speaker.

For Hands-free calling, there is also a built-in Microphone and you can make a call or receive a call without touching any Device. The speaker has a built-in 2400mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery that supports up to 10 hours of playtime; portable enough to fit into a backpack.

Sound Quality:

A compact but powerful speaker delivers amazingly immersive, clear stereo sound, and a speaker you can surround yourself with music anywhere on the go. Xeneo X21 speaker produces superior sound and deep bass, 15W output and dural passive radiators enhance your listening experience.

Dural passive bass radiators produce ear-catching sound with deep bass pumping from this speaker, two high-performance drivers present clear, crystal descent sound in high and mids. Tune Xeneo, you can fill your room with a loud but distortion-free booming sound.

But the feature of the speaker I like the best about the Xeneo 21 Bluetooth speaker is the True Wireless Stereo pair. You’ll need to buy two speakers but I think it’s worth it. The Xeneo 21 in TWS mode, the sound is impressively much better than with the single speaker. It’s louder and there’s definitely more bass. You can also connect this to a TV and use it as a stereo soundbar. Single speaker’s sound is pretty good but I totally recommend two of these and running them in excellent stereo mode.

We Like:

•           Ultra-portable and rugged

•           Speaker delivers outstanding audio

•           High-quality Bluetooth speaker

•           It has extra protection due to the hard travel case

•           Stylish and practical

We Don’t Like:

•           Battery dies fast

•           Speaker doesn’t go very loud

09. Back Bay Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Back Bay Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
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Black Bay Audio Company based in Boston, USA. Their audiophile teams are experts for making headphones & wireless speakers they have always wanted.

Back Bay is the name of a place in which neighborhood in the heart of Boston where Black Bay Audio Company’s story began. As the home of the Boston Conservatory, and the Berklee School of Music Back Bay is a major hub for musicians and music lovers. The undeniable musical energy in Back Bay inspires them to create smarter audio products.

Black Bay Audio is famous for its headphones manufacturer than wireless speakers. But Black Bay Audio teams are very skilled in audiophile and they know how to satisfy consumers. That’s why they are able to make the best budget Bluetooth speakers in the name of ‘Back Bay Wireless Bluetooth Shower Speaker’.


Back Bay Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is called ‘Newbury Speaker’ & it is slightly rectangle-shaped, but the three corners are a little bit curved and one corner is flat. This flat side is bottom. On the bottom panel, there are two rubberized feet that are supposed to neutralize all the unwanted vibrations.  

The speaker measured by 7 x 3 x 2.6 inches and weight is 1.02 pounds, the whole body rugged by grills except bottom panel. Under the grills there are two 45mm precision audio drivers to fill an entire room with music and a dual-passive-radiator design to create an enhanced bass response. One side cornet, there is a housing control panel with power, play, volume, & skip buttons. There are also an AUX input option & a micro-USB port for charging the speaker which is covered by a rubberized cap. The Newbury speaker gives you the option to play music wirelessly or just plug in an aux cord. A wired mode is great when you want to plug into an old iPod, TV or computer that doesn’t support Bluetooth. The wireless mode will work with all Bluetooth cell phones, iPhones, Androids, iPads, laptops, and Bluetooth MP3 players.

For Bluetooth connection, we have tested and found it’s range average, but the Back Bay’s attractive side is to wirelessly connect two speakers together for an immersive stereo experience. One speaker will act as the right channel and the other speaker will serve as the left channel, playing music in-sync from one device. Wireless stereo is perfect for amping up music twice as loud at a party, surrounding yourself with sound at your desk or just filling your home.

Back Bay Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is an IPX4 rating which means it is splashproof not waterproof. The speaker can resist water splashes, but cannot be submerged in water.

We prefer this Back Bay speaker due to its battery life. Newbury Speaker uses a 2000 milliamp battery that will allow for up to 24 hours of wireless music play when the volume is half. The speaker easily recharges with a standard micro-USB cable.

Sound Quality:

Sound quality is a passion for every music listener. We’ve tested tuned this speaker to create a sound signature very different from other small speakers. The Newbury speaker offers vocals that are clear and relaxed, crisp high-notes and a level of bass fullness that is rare for a speaker of this size. Back Bay speaker’s dual-passive-radiator design allows increasing bass response and bass fullness while keeping the speaker small and lightweight.

Wirelessly connect two speakers together for an immersive stereo experience. One speaker will act as the right channel and the other speaker will serve as the left channel, playing music in-sync from one device. Wireless stereo is perfect for amping up music twice as loud at a party, surrounding yourself with sound at your desk or just filling your home with music.

The Newbury speaker gives you the option to play music wirelessly or just plug in an aux cord. A wired mode is great when you want to plug into an old iPod, TV or computer that doesn’t support Bluetooth. The wireless mode will work with all Bluetooth cell phones, iPhones, Androids, iPods, laptops and Bluetooth MP3 players.

We Like:

•           Speaker delivers outstanding bass response

•           Rugged and stylish

•           Wireless and Wired options

•           Pair 2 Speakers Together Wirelessly

•           Up to 24-Hour Battery Life

•           Bluetooth range up to 15 m

 We Don’t Like:

•           Splashproof – IPX4 Rating

•           Speaker doesn’t go very loud

10. DOSS SoundBox 

DOSS SoundBox
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DOSS is specialized in audio devices manufacturing for 19 years. The Company founded in 1999 in Shenzhen, China and the first authorized APPLEMFI audio manufacturer in China and gradually they start producing various type of audio device like iPhone Docking speaker in 2007, iPad Docking speaker in 2010, portable Bluetooth speaker in 2011, innovated Wi-Fi speaker in 2012, launched a portable Wi-Fi speaker in 2014, involved R & D Alexa speaker in 2015 and they begin selling their audio device on Amazon since 2016. Not only in China, but it’s also a Brand worldwide. Their commitment, experience, and skills bring up their products as worldwide Brands. Doss has many support centers, especially where Amazon doing its business and it’s become one of ten best budget Bluetooth speakers in the market.

DOSS Portable Wireless SoundBox with Bluetooth may fulfill all of the consumer’s priorities which known as the ‘DOSS SoundBox Touch’. Take a closer look at it, to see if it really does meet your standards. You’ll find here the build quality, sound, battery life, durability and will try out its features.


This Doss SoundBox review will give you an idea about the speaker’s first impression. At the time of opening the box, a customer may immediately impress with the feel and look of the ‘DOSS SoundBox Touch’. Its attractive dimension in at 6.6 x 2.9 x 2.7 inches, it isn’t necessarily the most compact speaker in the market, but it feels really “solid” onto a hand. Along with the speaker it has included a micro USB charging cable, audio adapter, and a 3.5mm aux cable. In addition, there’s a durable storage bag that gives you a great place to store it when you’re not using it.

This Doss SoundBox review presents a wide range of design information. The ‘DOSS SoundBox Touch’ is extremely compact. The Soundbox is built almost entirely of plastic, saloon the tinny, metallic grill wraps around the main body of the device. This provides off the impression of almost “360 audio” when as a matter of fact the two drivers are on the front of the device and point forwards. The speaker is IPX4 rated which means it is only splash-proof.  

The ‘DOSS SoundBox Touch’ is available with four impressive colors; one is “Matte Black”, “Pearl White”, “Ocean Blue”, and “Passion Red”. There are no bright brand logos on the device whichever. There is also a minor and simple logo on the front grill and the brand name on the right-hand side of the speaker, both of which combination in attractively. The top of the device there is the touch controls, which are a nice light grey color when the device is turned off and backlit with either a blue or white light depending on control when the device is on. Its metallic design makes it the perfect audio companion for both indoor and outdoor.

The backside of the speaker is where the I/O is reserved. Almost out of sight! There are a couple of options here: Micro USB (Type-B) for charging, TF card slot (a.k.a. Micro SD), 3.5mm line-in and the On/Off button.

Sound Quality:

You will get a vast knowledge of sound quality through this Doss SoundBox review. Debatably for a user, the most important, significant and critical issue of any speaker is the sound. The ‘DOSS SoundBox Touch’ gives unexpected impressive audio quality, especially considering the budget-friendly price. Surprising is that the stereo sound is quite good and clear. Its bass is much better than we really expected. It isn’t studio quality, but we truly realize it’s something special for what we expect.

We played the speaker on a variety of circumstances and couldn’t essentially to say, it performed better for one than the other. Various types of music sounded similarly well, with clear and a decent tone but not too overwhelming bass. In fact, the bass may be a user’s favorite part. Despite the fact it’s not adjustable, it appears to have a very nice “punch” to it. Best of all, the speaker is made solid so, there isn’t any sound changed or alteration, even when the volume was pushed up near the limit.

Another thing to mention, it’s stereo sound quite loud! We feel that it truly has a lot of power for its size. Inside the speaker, there are two 6 watt drivers that appear to work like a dream together. The manufacturer, DOSS, didn’t try to install too little power into it. 6-watt drivers may not sound like a whole lot, but these two 6 watt drivers absolutely provide ample performance more than our expectations. Less than 1% of the total harmonic misrepresentation ensures enhanced clearness and reliability. Audio is a bit complicated to transfer, especially over the transcript, but we truly feel that the overall sound performance could easily contest speakers that cost over twice as much.

We Like: The DOSS Touch delivers a really crisp 12W full-range stereo sound with good bass response. The DOSS Touch features Bluetooth 4.0 streaming and has a built-in 2200 mAh battery which delivers a good 12 hours of continuous music playtime. You can also adjust the volume via touch controls by rotating clockwise the bright circle at the top (touch-sensitive) of the speaker which is pretty cool.

We Don’t Like: The DOSS Touch is slightly bulky for a portable Bluetooth speaker and does not come with handles for mounting or carrying.

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